Review Policy

Designers are welcome to send myself items for review
but I do have the right to decline blogging the item(s).
Please send any item that you wish to have reviewed along with a notecard
stating information about the item
(example:  Event, Location, Price, etc)
Also please include a landmark with your mainstore's location.

In regards to template mesh items:

I do not have any problems with it if used / textured in a unique way.
If you use the templates given textures in the original package it will be discarded. 
Free templates will be tossed.
I do research into the items that have been given to me. 

The process of reviewing the item is more on the quality of the item
and if it fits my personal style.
Note:  I am flexible with what I do post but before hand
please look through to see what types I do before sending.

I am not against creators work
whether they are known or unknown and their experiences with mesh.
I would rather blog an item for it's quality than it's label.

Items that I blog daily:

Body (Hair, Skin, Cosmetics, etc)
Home and Garden (Furniture, buildings, decor, etc)
Mesh Body Appliers (The bodies that I have are listed below)
Mesh Bodies (Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Physique, Wowmeh, )

Any items not used that has been given to me will be tossed.
I will send a message with the work I have done with those items I have used only.

If you have any questions about my policy please send an IM to Shukurimu Resident