Curio is back!

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Hello hello!

So I saw some picture floating around recently of a creator that had gone dormant for some time as she was sent in revamping her store.  Low and behold she has returned!  She has released 6 skins with 7 different shades you can choose from for which ever suits your liking.  There is:

- Cloud

- Dune

- Eclipse

- Fawn

- Moondrop

- Pearl

- Sunburst

If you remember her skins from the past these names will sound familiar.  The head shot picture is of the skin tone Pearl.  I added a picture of the different shades below so you can see the difference of tones.

Curio Skin Tones

The skins are set up where you choose your make up styling and color like before.  There are a total of 9 different make ups that you can choose from.

I’ve posted a link below with her ad boards displaying all the makeups for each of the skins.

Curio Make Ups

She must have been working hard while quietly working on her new releases as she’s also up to date on almost all of the new attachments!  No Loud Mouth appliers but she has the hands ( slink ), feet ( slink ), Azz ( Phat Azz ), and Breasts ( Lola Tango ) appliers all ready to go!  What I really like is I’m not miss matched at all when testing out demos of the skins.  I get the full blown picture of what I’d look like from head to toe with each applier as she put up a demo for them all.  I love it !!!

The price range of the skins are followed by:

-  1 Skin tone, 1 Make up 1000 L

-  1 Skin tone, 1 Make up, All Skin Tones 1,500 L

-  All Make up, All Tones, Bonus Make up 2,500 L

Applier Prices:

- Hands

—  1 Skin tone 100 L

—  All tones 350 L

- Feet

—  1 Skin tone 100 L

—  All tones 350 L

- Lola Tango

—  1 Skin tone 250 L

—  All tones  750 L

—  It comes with 6 different nipple appliers as well

-  Phat Azz Luck Inc.  ( Side Bit:  She did a great job on the >.> hoohoo *goes back to writing* )

—  1 Skin tone 100 L

—  All tones 350 L

If you’d like to check out her website here is the link:


Also here is the taxi ride if you’d like to check our for yourself

Curio Main store In world

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