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I do apologize if you did not see the picture in the display before hand but it was a precaution.
As this picture is very much R or X rated whatever you wish to label it onto.
Though it is not sex itself it is still a very suggestive and nudity is obvious.
It's the final day for ROMP's monthly designers.

I am featuring RACK Poses item for this month.
Much female dominance in this picture.
The one who helped me in this photo is Luka Requiem.
Should go and check out his flickr and his co- blog.
Tattoo:  *Bolson / Tattoo Exclusive Pack - Veni Vidi Vici
Shoes:  REIGN.- Marylin Boots- Black
Rings:  [CX] Basilisk Rings
 RACK Poses - Obey Me, Boy! (ROMP)
( Riding crop comes with the pose)
[Fetch] Grawt Skybox
 Glam Affair - Olivine - Bed ( Black )
 Glam Affair - Olivine - Wall Decor
Glam Affair - Olivine - Vase ( White )
Glam Affair - Olivine - Drawer ( Black )
 Glam Affair - Olivine - Lamp ( Black & White )
~*S.E.*~ Industrial Hanging Cage (Small/short)
The Hive - Cabinet of Curiosities [Black]
Soy. wall decor [increment of hunch] bk
 Apt B // Rug V1


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