|CX| Cascading Peony Rare for FGC

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It’s that time again where creators have gathered to make creative items for us to fight / drool/ feel the holes in our pockets again time.  It’s the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  This rounds theme is Fashion.  You can check out the creators projects here at their flickr:

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Pool

This piece is done by CerberusXing.  It will be his rare.  There will be 5 colors to collect.  Each one with it’s own beauty and they go hand in hand.  I will be posting a picture of it later.

Above are the commons up for grabs.  Like I said they go hand in hand with the rares.  You wont be disappointed with this creation of beauty.  Good Luck with the Gachas!

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