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Just got home sometime yesterday and I pounced my PC like a lover I hadn't seen in
years.  Although there had to be some updates to patience was required.
Been dying to get home and just doodle on something.  As I was leaving for the mini vacation so much 
stuff was coming out I didn't know what the heck to do!  So jelly face I wasn't home to
even touch the items I could wear but couldn't at the same time.
I swear to god we break something or somethings every time we go and visit family down at the shore.
First the wifi broke.  That was a killer as it had already been sucking like a crazy something
and it was pretty impossible to hold a steady connection.  
The lag was insane on that laptop I borrowed.  If i did too much on it, just froze or crashed
down which wasn't much!  Just you know The Browser open and Firestorm.

Any who to at least post the outfit lol

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Clover *NEW*
Skin:  .Birdy. Lana skin .V3 ~Pure~ (Bare)
Eyes:  Dead Apples - Faded Magic Brown
Makeup:  .Pekka. Eyeliner combo # 3
Headband:  *MUKA* Headband Rosa
Necklace:  . Sweet Thing. Botanica Collar  *NEW EXCLUSIVE*
Bracelets:  :fusion: Silver Bangle set
Dress: *BOOM* Ardour Dress 
Shoes:  . Sweet Thing. Your Grace Heels  *NEW*

Both Items are new from Sweet Thing.  I'm a little late on blogging them but both amazing items.
The shoes as you can see can be fully custom to whatever outfit you're wearing with the color pallet that she 
gave with the product.  Easy to use and oh so adorables.
The necklace also has a HUD to change up the colors of the ribbon and the stones
even the metal so you can choose which fits best with the outfit.

Truth forever I loves you and all that you do!
Right as I was heading out the door really these babies were released!
I didn't want to leave because of these .__.
In the picture I'm wearing clover and in the picture below it does depict it with two different
versions of bangs and a cute accessory to go with it.
The hair on the right I will be getting to I hope today or this weekend!
Both are amazing and adorables that are must haves for that Kawaii look.

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