How I think I look to How I really Look

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New items that I'm getting to post about!

The horns, hair barrettes, earrings are all new by Sweet Thing.
I am also wearing a new release from Fresh Face!
The Sugar Gardens new Glasses (which I need to go back and get them all!)
Completely adorables for that "look"
 I am wearing a loud mouth for this picture but tinted it to fit the skin
as it does not come with the applier.

The items by Sweet Thing. are released at the The Gacha Mania.
There is a total of 18 items ( 15 Common and 3 Rares) to collect and only 50 L per pool.

Close Up:


Skin:  (FreshFace) Nora_Snow
Hair:  Magika [Hair S] Shine
Eyes:  .tsg. Summer Eyes - Aquamarine *shine*
Glasses:  .tsg. Shy Megane - Gold
Nails:   .random.Matter.  - Holidaze Nails
Accessories:  . Sweet Thing. Shooting Heart Hair Clip (Starshine)
. Sweet Thing. Shooting Star Hair Clip (Starshine)
. Sweet Thing. Shocking Love Hair Clip (Starshine)
Horns:  . Sweet Thing. Starshine Strawberry Melty Horns (Rare)
Earrings:  . Sweet Thing. Strawberry Melty Moon Earrings (Starshine)
Necklace:  . Sweet Thing. Strawberry Melty Moon Necklace (Starshine)
Lips:  .Loud Mouth. - Alli
Makeup:  .tsg. MESH LIPS ONLY - Sweet Luna Lipgloss - Smarties
Outfit:   /// offbeat /// Okinawa summer festival look1 - print01

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