Little Devil

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Doing a post that will focus on these three awesome sauce stores!
Angelica, Pink Hustler and Horror.

The eyes and lips are all from Angelica that are at The Gacha Mania as the Skin is her V.I.P group gift.
You gotta love gifts!  It does come with both hand and feet slink appliers which is a big bonus.
Two Brow colors and teeth or no teeth skins.
The eyes are 30 Linden a play and the lip gloss is also 30 Lindens per play

Taxi:  Angelica

Moving onto the outfit I am wearing, horns, tail, dress are all items from PINK HUSTLER.
These are all gacha items to attack and get, there is a demo to try out the dress to see if it will fit, it comes in 11 different colors.

The wings are apart of The Horror! gacha over at The Gathering.
My Master had gotten lucky so I got 2 of the rare wings *huehuehue* as he would say :'3
To check it out click the link above
Less than 2 days are left till they open their doors!

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Aviva [LoveJugs 2]
Skin:  (*ANGELICA) SUZY :honeypink: rosy brow *VIP Gift*
Eyes:   (*ANGELICA) CLEAR EYES #pink RARE *Gacha Mania*
Makeup:   (*ANGELICA) MILKY LIP_chop #apple (dark) *Gacha Mania*
Dress: *PH* sexy devil -black-
Bracelets:   -Pixicat- Metal.Armband
Horns:   *PH* sexy devil HEAD -black-
Wings:   The Horror!~Crypto~ Crypto Spiked Wings RARE *The Gathering*
Tail:  *PH* sexy devil TAIL -black-
Shoes:  [L.Warwick] Luscious -Platform Heels- NOIR

Close Up

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