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So I had spoken about working on a new sim that was opening up.
Now that I have a bit of time to breath I'm going to catch up on my posts to let you guys know what's up with -The Bay-
It was built by Mz Marville, the owner of Conserve Landscaping, the picture above is done by her.
She has created this sim with the thought in mind of having it as a place of relaxation for adults.
If you've ever put into search adult or nude beach or whatever you are searching for that is adult and beach in Second Life search you've most likely come to some places that aren't so satisfactory in tastes in the environment department.
The ambiance alone for -The Bay- is in a whole other category from the others you'll find in SL.

In the description you'll read:
It is an adult only themed sim experience.  It is a place that breaths new life into the mundane.
An abundant wildlife alongside sensual entertainment.  meet new people who share similar interests.

It stands true to this for that is what we're striving for.
This sim can be put into a few different categories in my opinion.
It can go into photography, adult, kinky, explorers, erotic, hang out, live entertainment, music, nature, organic, and role-play.
You can pretty much make it whatever you wish to make it to be, with what's given already around you.  I say that it is adult because there are items that cater to such and the people can be free enough to wear whatever or nothing at all.  
There is a group that is for VIP where there is a small charge to enter but will never be charged again for it.  -The Bay- Group
It is 350L for the cover charge but will allow you to enter the VIP areas that they offer, on the ground or in the sky.  I will post some pictures down below.
-The Bay- Landing Point
(Pictures by: Xantheanne Resident)

-The Bay- Dungeon (VIP)
 (Pictures by: Xantheanne Resident)

-The Bay- Caves
(Pictures by: Xantheanne Resident)

-The Bay- The Bath House (VIP)
(Picture by Mz Marville)

-The Bay- Captains Quarters (VIP)
(Picture by Mz Marville)

Currently there is a photography contest running in December.
The poster is by:  Xantheanne Resident
For more information about the contest I'll be doing another post about it
I had taken some photos of the bay during the openings of two of the areas
These are both raw shots from Second Life itself.  I did no editing to these pictures :3

- The Bath House -
- Captains Quarters -

If you're interested in coming out to see what -The Bay- has to offer here is your taxi ride:

I do suggest to check out the VIP areas as well as there was a lot of love put into those rooms.

We are currently looking for reliable staff members
Please read all of the requirements before sending in your application.
Thank you very much :D

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