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A new event is on it's way to our virtual world.
It will start on the 24th of January 2015
The doors will be open at 0:00 SLT
This event will be representing the creators of Japan
they will also be having guests to showcase their items as well.

For this photo I got to show off the new item from CerberusXing
It is a kiseru, a Japanese smoking pipe.
Original Mesh Unisex Accessory
Unrigged and Modifiable
Wearable 'Smoking' Version with HUD or Unscripted Version

Modify:  Yes  Copy:  Yes  Transfer:  No

Instruction for (Hand/Smoking) Version:

Step 1:  Wear/Add the items from the Folder: [CX] Kiseru Smoke HUD, [CX] Kiseru Exhaler and [CX] Tassel Kiseru (Hand).

Step 2:  Press ON on the HUD.

Step 3:  Sit back and enjoy

I wont lie I was very happy with how the ad picture turned out :'D 
He did have to trim it down for the ad as I tend to >.>; make them too big 
But below is the original :'D

I also got to take this shot at this amazing Onsen
If you're looking for a great place for a hot spring this is a place I high recommend.
It's natural setting and tranquil feel just makes you melt into bliss.


Monkey Banana


-Glam Affair - Kallisto - Artic 04 NB
[PF] Lipstick - Glimmer (red) *NOTE* It was darkened in photo
/// offbeat /// 2014 onsen story 1 - water basket (sake) @offbeat
/// offbeat /// 2014 onsen story 1 - hunya! RARE
[CX] Tassel Kiseru @CCB

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