Bon Appetit!

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OK I again did the whole cloning thing thing time with more "people"!
I'm really digging it right now
but you know I'm not doing a hardcore shot in this.
A simple post with editing ...each...and...every...face.
I won't lie that's the most annoying part is the editing.
If I could I would just throw around the un-edited one but I wont it'll drive
me up the walls and I'll edit it in the end anyway!

For the simple part of the cloning it's really important to keep your camera angle the same.
Use the same wind light, do NOT change it in for the second photo.  Just don't!
It'll throw it off when blending them together.  
The eraser is your friend and same with masks in Photoshop.
If you know how to use the masks of course.

If you want to have multiple camera angles you can try these suggestions below.
To save your camera angle you can use the built in camera tool (this is for firestorm users) by
1) adding it to your toolbar
You'll notice a box pop up with some buttons.

Now it will only save 1 Camera angle at a time.
There are products / gadgets out there that will store more than 1.

There is the Pose Anywhere HUD

Now this is what I use as it stores poses as well.
Very simple system.
You can find it here:  Marketplace
It does cost 649L but I find that it's worth the price.
I use 3 of these HUDs
The reason for 3 is because I have so many poses that the HUD could only hold 
so much.  I don't mind really as I use mainly the first HUD I made that stores the
poses I normally use.

Now for the second system I have not tried yet
but I know of others that have and they're loving it a lot.

It is cheaper than other HUD I spoke about and has a lot more features
Trust me if I didn't have my poses already in this other HUD I'd go for this and check it out.
Since I haven't tried it yet I can't say anything about it but like I said there have been a lot
of positive reviews on them.
You can find it here:  Marketplace

Starting Left to Right

Hair:  [DUE] Kaitlin @ Kustom 9
Ears:   [CX] Dark Fluffers *Group Gift*
Accessory:   Altair - Berry Bows @ Kawaii Project
Skin:  [PF] - Doll V2
Eyes:  [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Amber
Collar:  Altair - Kokoro Collar @ The Dark Style Fair 2
Shirt:  B.C.C kata Tank Top bon appetit @ Kawaii Project
Garter:   . Quirky . Mowsie - Black
Shoes:  .random.Matter. - Sian Boots - Black @ The Dark Style Fair 2
Hair:  [DUE] Rosie
Eyes:  [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Pitch
Necklace:  Violent Seduction - Cutlery Necklace (Spoon) @ Kawaii Project
Shirt:  B.C.C kata Tank Top Pink ice cream @ Kawaii Project
Hair:  [DUE] Jude
Accessory:   . Quirky . - Steamer Headband
Eyes:  [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Chocolate
Collar:   Altair - Kitty Collar @ On9
 Shirt:  B.C.C kata Tank Top pizza @ Kawaii Project
Socks:  Glam Affair - Cutie Socks @ Shiny Shabby

Hair:  Taketomi - Maria
Eyes:  [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Winter
Shirt:  B.C.C kata Tank Top Baby Strawberry @ Kawaii Project

Sari-Sari - Female Poses @ Kustom 9

Raw Shots

I had to redo the raw shot with all the different cut outs but instead of putting 
every single photo I just cut them out again together.
They are still not touched other than getting them all into one shot.

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