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Today’s main focus is *points* the head piece. It is up for grabs at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival this month *for taxi click on the name*. It is created by CerberusXing. There are two pieces that I’m wearing from that gacha machine. It is the common and the ultra rare. Both pieces work together or separately. In whichever way you wish for that look. It is to represent some of the Chinese hair pieces that they used. If you look back at some of the artwork that is depicted they would use very elaborate jewelry and head pieces. I hope that you enjoy this piece as much as I do.

Skin: Essences - CHO Clean *lumiere* brunette

Makeup: Essences - Endless Night Lipstick 12

Hair: CATWA HAIR Lee [5]

Headpiece: [CX] Cascading Peony (Gold) RARE

Comb: [CX] Peony Comb (Gold) Common

Tattoo: Face Tattoo - Hua Dian

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