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Quick post:
Nothing fancy
A bit of punk
Pinch of cute

Pretty sure I had too much light on while taking the photos
but I don't think it turned out that bad.
I've been posting these eyes for the past few posts and I honestly
can't get enough of them.
I wish in RL that I had them D'x

I dragged out the loud mouth again to give it another whirl.
Still great for pictures but I never wear it otherwise
which is sad cause it's a great product but people don't/wont
have the same windlights as myself so it's pointless on me.

I love this tattoo, it's been awhile since I did a picture with one.
Sadly the one that I am featuring is from the event 21.  Where she had posted
once it's over it's over and will not be resold again.

I have another that she had done that I can't wait to post.
I believe the hair is from the Limited Project event so sadly,
it isn't available in store.  That also goes for the arm band. •3•

The dress is still at the Kustom 9 event, I went super late >.>;
but it comes in two styles but there are 3 color packs with the 2 versions of the dress
inside of the box so it's a great deal if you enjoy both!  Plus the bracelet is a nice buy.
It does come with a matching collar but I went with the one from Cerberusxing.
The collar was a feature at the Rhapsody event but since that's over now it's now
up for grabs at the main store.

Apologies for posting some items that you can't grab anymore but
watch out for these creators as they have awesome items and will only 
get better with time offering even more epic items.

Hair:  *Soonsiki! Rebel (LE hair) Samples
Skin:  Essences - Paris *lumiere*
Eyes:  {D.A} Sinistre - Faded Magic Brown
Mouth:  .Loud Mouth. - Alli
Tattoo:  .Reckless. - Buddhism
Collar:  [CX] Infinite Spikes
Bracelet:  ::LC::Lethal Lion Head Cuff [Onyx]
Armband:  Goth1c0: The Spine Bracelet

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