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Quick post!
So there are many events open!
Some have been open some are just opening their doors literally today.

First there is the Okinawa Summer Festival
The Kimono Festival that is held at Bakumatsu
And the Kagami who's doors are now open!
Uber event opened yesterday.

Plus many more events will be opening their doors as it's the 
beginning of the month so all pockets will be drained within the first 2 weeks of 
the month. *falls over dead*
Really should check each one out!

Skin:  (*ANGELICA) DAISY :peach: (cleavage) bd brow
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Malibu
Ears:  Fuzzy Foxy ear 
Necklace:  [VN] Tentacle Necklace - Pink (Silver)
Tail:  c( TC ) Somali Neko Tail
Bracelet:  +ILO+ Bow Bracelet [TGGS_Gift]
Bracelet:  bh ~ petit oiseau alphabet bracelet (R)
Blush:  Chus! Spring Cheeks - Animu
Outfit:  /// offbeat /// Okinawa summer festival look2 - print04
Shoes:  [CX] Sasu Geta Short
Fan:  GD: Uchiwa - Kawaii - Panda


Soy. Tub of tinplate
Soy. Chair for water tub [wood]
Soy. Beer
Soy. Beer bottle box

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