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It's adorable out the crazy butt seriously !
The arms are just everything I can imagine when it comes to relaxing in something
fluffeh and soft with a bit of character.
A perk of the *Epic* store is that she does tango with her outfits so I get my 
pillows when I wear this :'P

It comes in many different colors and is released at the lubbly jubblies event!
I suggest to get down there and grab one .__. it's a must in my book as ..I grabbed two
in my fav colors le pink and le black woooo!

The hair is by LCKY and is the release at the District 5 event.
Another must go to and this is something that is awesome sauce with the HUD's
there are 3 buttons for 3 sections of the hair you can change around.
I mixed mine only with 2 of them so the lighter purple and darker purple tips.
comes in rigged and nonrigged which is always awesome for those who like to do modded
avatars.  The ravers hat is also done by LCKY and is one of the commons!
I will be hitting that machine sideways with a cat for the kitty one ;3; I need in my life lol
The hats aren't in any event so there wont be any fighting to get into a place!
They are located over at the main store.

The nails (and I highly suggest to enlarge the picture to check them out) they are by MELONopolis.
When you see the detail work it's awesome and creepeh at the same time o3o.
Or cute if you like spiders :'D
She did a wonderful job on the spiders web and legs.

Thank you for stopping by ^^ I hope you have enjoyed.

Taxi:  District 5

for the info:

Skin:  .Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ (bare)
Hair:  [LCKY] Andi *District 5*
Brows:  .tsg. Kotoko Brow *Tintable*
Eyes:  .tsg. Summer Eyes - Lavendar *shine*
Hat:  [LCKY] Cat Hat // Candy
Nails:  [M] Slink Nail Polish // Widow
Dress:  *Epic* Off-Shoulder Skelly Dress! {Baby.Pink}

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