The Mesh Body Count Down: Belleza

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I want to talk about the take over of mesh bodies.
I will be doing a line up of posts that will consist of the New and Old mesh bodies.
The pictures are not altered in anyway except to be put into a grid.
This is how they look in world Raw on high graphics with Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim windlight.
( Please excuse the demos I will be using )
First off is about the New release by Belleza.
Most of us have been waiting for this release as we've seen the glorious teasers by Petra.
Plus the other bloggers who have gotten a chance to display the body for the rest of us
to wait and roll around for.
Today it was released with a stampede of people rushing into their doors.
Below is a picture I have collage together of the views of this body.
I will talk about the pros and cons of this so if you'd like continue reading
as you stare at my nakedness
I did do these pictures naked as I believe layers would give a false idea / hide
any flaws that can not be seen unless naked.


 Below is the:  Belleza HUD

I really have high hopes for this body and it's future updates.
It could be with the public wanting the body now that it was pushed out too soon.
But every new item will have it's flaws.

  1. It is thin and thick friendly
  2.  The alpha layers is friendly to wearing mesh clothing
  3. If you wear Belleza skins you will be able to match your skin to the body perfectly
  4. The HUD is new user friendly.  Simple to understand and if you need help there is a tab that will send you to sites that could get you your answers.
  5. It comes with 3 different sets of lingerie that is fitted nicely to the Belleza Body.
  6. You can change your feet from:  flat, medium, high, JD (if you wear his shoes) all in one HUD rather than having to go back into your inventory and switch them out as they are attached to the Venus body.
  7. The hands you can change between 16 different styles, either left or right it is very friendly to bloggers who need different hands for their poses and don't have to go through their inventory to switch out hands.  That I know is very annoying to have to see which is which.  The images on the HUD is very helpful.  It is pretty much flawless with them already attached to the body.
  8. You still get the choice of short, medium, long nails just like Slink minus the Pointed nails.
  9. The HUD has a system to save your skins that you have already applied so no more having to re-apply the skin to the body.
  10.   You can turn on and off Tattoo, Underwear, Clothing layers off with this One HUD.
  1.   Neck One does not match up correctly with the SL avatar.  Neck Two is a bit oddly shaped and shaded to heavily.
  2. The breast on the facing right side has odd edging on the side which can be seen if you make your breasts too large, around 90 to 100, mine are currently at 80.
  3.  The Slink Fitted body is not "perfect" for slink yet. 
    Note:  You may have to play around with the slink to have it match up with your shape.  For myself it was the Size M for both Hands and Feet with the slider at 50 for arms and 46 for legs.

This body is very nicely made with a lot of thought put into it on what people want out of their mesh bodies.  As you can see there are more pros than cons with it.
The price for this is 3995 Lindens.
I am wearing a Belleza Skin, -Belleza- Ria Fair 0, so that it can match nicely with the body.
If you'd like to read more I will be posting about the other bodies in posts later today.
Thank you and I hope you try out the body as it's well worth it.

Taxi:  Belleza

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