Long Mu

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The reason for the name behind this picture is I didn't want to name it another 46403216 blah blah etc.  So I scanned around for some mythology and stories behind them.
I found a story:

Long Mu

It’s a story only a Caregiver could understand: When Long Mu found what she thought was a pretty stone by the edge of the Xi River, she brought it home. When the stone turned out to be a dragon egg harboring five incipient dragon children, Long Mu’s nurturing instinct kicked into overdrive. In spite of her poverty and the obvious dangers of living with hungry dragons, she raised them to adulthood, and was rewarded with elevation to the status of goddess in the Chinese pantheon. If only there were similar rewards for the parents of multiple teenagers.

(Source:  http://www.archetypes.com/article/archetype-goddesses-2/)

Now there are other stories out there that go further into details but this was a short one that I found about her but they are all abut a Chinese Goddess that is a caregiver of dragons.  I found it fitting :D I hope you enjoy thank you for stopping by! ♥

Hair:  (r)M Hair No.32'15 (butterflies come with the hair)
Skin:  VCO ~ Nina Skin 001
Eyes: [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Winter {Large}
Horns:   Evermore - Floral Scapegoat Horns (Gold)
Outfit:  -Pixicat- Foo.Armor @ We Love Role-Play
Pet:  Aii - + Eastern Dragon Boa + Fire

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