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This post is a bit different photo wise.  I continue to see pictures like this starting to pop so I gave it a shot.  The system of doing this was easy after doing the normal editing of the avatar body.  :D  I enjoyed it and if you like it too I suggest to give it a shot.  It’s a cute highlight of the body and object of the post.  ^^

In this post I’m wearing the most updated Wowmeh body, the 3.0.  It fits the slink feet but still needs a bit more tweaking on the slink hands.  But all in all it isn’t bad.  I definitely enjoy the wiggle and jiggle that it gives when you have physics on.  Note:  PLEASE DON’T HAVE PHYSICS ON IF WEARING NORMAL MESH.  Or you will be bouncing through your shirt or skirt hahahaha.  It is very funny to watch to be honest.  With the Wowmeh there are two versions inside the box.  Insize and Oversize, Insize is the normal mesh body and then there is the Oversize which you could guess is one that is thicker in shape for those who like a bit more curve.  I found that the Insize breasts look more natural when you have the slider higher than the Oversize.  The look of the oversize is very perky and almost…torpedo like in my opinion when you make the breasts larger.  Example:


The Insize Breast from the side:


Oversize Front:


Insize Front:


As you can see there are pros and cons to both Insize and Oversize.  I do have 2 different slider numbers for the two meshes.  For the Insize it’s larger than the Oversize.

Another note on the produce would be the legs.  I love how thick you can make them but! the Slink Feet L can only fit around a 35 thickness when wearing the Oversize and a 56 in Insize which doesn’t look that bad in my opinion.  A key to help make it blend a bit better would be at the Knee angle, I have mine at 51.  It’s not a dramatic difference but it does help from having the size of the Slink stick out.  If you want to check out more details about the Wowmeh here is their website:

To demo:

Ok! So this kimono that I’m wearing is by Violent Seduction it’s to my knowledge the only rigged liquid mesh that is out there that was even designed for the Insize Wowmeh body.  It jiggles and wiggles moving with the wowmeh mesh body.  That is the perk and it’s just super cute lol.  One size and I would suggest if you have wide hips like I do normally, to edit them down or i’ll stick out very oddly.  You’ll see if you buy / demo it with the Wowmeh body.

Skin:  .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone

Hair:  tram  D424 hair / shell&creamyellow *gradient * *Collaboration 88*

Eyes:  [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Jade *The Big Show*

Makeup:  {Dead Apples} Tintable Paumette Blushes & Freckles

Makeup:  Essences - Eyeliner V2.0

Hair Ornaments:   .tsg. Hair Ornament Peony Clip - Dusty Pink 2

Hair Ornaments:  .tsg. Kanzashi Bira-Bira - Silver

Kimono:  Violent Seduction - Rozuhime (Purple) *Kustom 9*

Okobo:  GD: Okobo - Fresh - arazome - Natural

Feet:  Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS - Flat

Umbrella:  GD: Higasa - Fuji - Blossom *FGC May*

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