The Mesh Body Count Down: Wowmeh

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Finally getting towards the end of this mini project :'3
I was going to do just one whole post but I felt ... it would be too long to scan through.
Hopefully making 5 different posts about mesh bodies hasn't pissed anyone off!
I know that Wowmeh is no longer up for sale.
Her last release was the Silhouette ( v1.0)
I will keep my comments about how she was forced to close quiet ( • _ • )

It still is a very nice mesh body for being, to my knowledge, the first whole mesh body that is fitted mesh.  She made tons of updates by listening to those who bought her product.
All in all I wish her the best of luck with whatever she is up to now in the creating world.

I am wearing the Essences - Emma *lumiere* brunette skin.
The Slink hands is XXSmall
Torso is at 20
The Slink Mid feet is L
Legs is at 60
I did shrink myself for this mesh body to fit correctly and not look so odd.
My hips are at 65

With Wowmeh Hands and Feet

I have displayed above what comes in the box from Wowmeh.
The hands and feet will fit it perfectly but as you can see they are less than desirable to wear.
She never got around to making different feet or hands for it as the demand for the body to be slink compatible was fierce. ( • 3 • )
Below is a picture with the slink attachments.

 With Slink

The mesh body isn't perfect and will forever remain that way but she got hella close
to matching up with the slink attachments.  She softened the breasts and they are no longer as square when at larger sliders.   I am currently on 80 in this picture.
The mesh shape itself isn't as edgy as it had started so I give major props to her listening and modifying her work to meet the wants of the consumers.
She made a great body.


Pretty simple and clearly stated HUD.
There are 4 major tabs.  From left to right:
  • Skin
  • Clothing
  • Alpha
  • FAQ/Update
The alpha system was better on some of her previous releases.
I felt like this was cut back sadly.
There were 3 main layers:  Skinny, Looser, Naked
Skinny for tattoo layers
Looser for clothing layers
Naked is to strip down to your birthday suit which is pretty nice instead of having to click skinny and looser to take off the layers if you are going to the bare skin.


  1. Matches up with Slink pretty well
  2. Can fit thin and fuller shapes
  3. Many appliers have been made and are still being made for this body
  4. HUD is simple / user friendly
  5. It is optional to use the provided hands and feet or to use the Slink attachments
  1. No longer available
  2. Does not fit with Slink perfectly
  3. Can not get any new updates for this body
As you can see there are more pros than cons about this body.
It's so sad that it is no longer available so I do apologize to those who do not have it and are reading this post about it. 
For those who have it, love it and never delete in my opinion.
People are still using it so it has so many great appliers out there for it.
Tomorrow I will post about the last Mesh Body, the Lena Body.
Stay Tuned and thank you for stopping by ^^ ♥

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